Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church
 Pilgrim Way, Brodheadsville, PA

(570) 992-0158 

A Community Church 

PVPC - Pilgrim Way

A blended contemporary worship service

 Classes at 9:30 am

Sharing God's Message each Sunday

Bring your family & friends!


What's Happening...

Collections for College Student -
each semester our Deacons collect goodies to send to our college students to let them know; while they may be away, they are not far from our thoughts. We are in the process of gathering items like; munchies, stickie notes, pens etc, anything you think our college students would like or need. Please leave donations for the college boxes in the office.  

Keep Sunday Holy
Our church, along with other local churches is a part of the Keep Sunday Holy Team.  We want to keep Sunday morning free of mandatory events like sporting practises or games.  That way, we can choose church, if we feel it has an importance in our family.  This effort was started as a result of a letter from a teenager about how her family has been torn up over the choice of church attendance versus other “mandatory” events outside of church.  So far we have started conversations via letters to the Editor.  We manned a tent for 2 days at the West End Fair to share our feelings.  We are also encouraging other churches to join in this effort.  We consider this to be a non-confrontational, ecumenical bridge building service to strengthen families in their spiritual growth.

Crisis Meals - Deacon's are asking for meals to be prepared ahead of time and frozen in the church freezer.  Please label what the meal is and the date prepared.  This will expedite the process of getting meals to those in need.   Any questions, just call the church office.

Pleasant Valley Ecumenical Network  (PVEN) is always in need of non-perishable food items as they help many families in need in our community!  Also needed now are Pleasant Valley School District approved clothing and soon they will need warm weather clothing & blankets.  Please help us to keep our pantry well stocked by remembering those in need as you shop.  No donation is too small!  Donations can also be brought directly to PVEN, (located at the corner of McIlhaney Road & Greenview Drive behind the Chestnuthill Diner) on Tuesday & Friday mornings, 9:00-11:30 or left here at PVPC where we will make sure they are delivered to PVEN.  THANK YOU!